Fashion, Sleep, Repeat!

We have accomplished a lot. We have contacted stores and sent information letters to all of the stores we want to sponsor us. We sent the letters to three stores, two of the three stores said they would most likely sponsor us. The other store is still up in the air, and we have to contact them. We also met with some of our models and got their sizes, we still have to get the majority however. We also made, and are still working on, making posters to advertise. I feel confident about the two stores that could sponsor us, but there still is a lot to do.

Before we finish completely with our project, we have a lot to do. We still have to email our principal to see where/when we can hold our fashion show. Then, we have to pick an Orphanage to donate to and contact them. Next, we have to get the clothes from the stores that sponsored us for our models to wear.  If that goes well, we will set up for our fashion show and do our fashion show. This is currently all we have to do, do be finished with our project.

If I could go back to change anything, I would have done everything a lot earlier. We are in a serious time crunch, we have a lot to do and very little time to do it.  We didn’t think this project would be this much work, like we thought at the beginning. Now, we realize how much work this is and that we should have started planning better earlier.  I think if we get on top of things now, we can get back on track and have everything running smoothly. My partners and I are starting to freak out a little bit about everything we have to do. I am still confident thatLa hora mágica / The magic hourCreative Commons License Art DiNo via Compfight everything will work out in the end. If I could go back, I would definitely have done things earlier, so we weren’t freaking out now.

Eat, Sleep, and Breath Fashion!

We chose this project because my partners and I all really love fashion and clothes. We also chose this because we knew it would be a challenge. We want to give back to children in need. I think the most rewarding part of this project was giving clothes to the children at an Orphanage, and seeing all of it coming together. Seeing everything you’ve accomplished is a really good feeling to have, in my opinion. I think all of it was rewarding in general.

We still have to do our fashion show, but I can’t wait to see it all come together. We still have to get clothes for our models and put on our Fashion Show. We also still have to contact the Orphanage we want to take the clothes too. Then we will ask the people coming to the fashion show to donate specific clothing sizes, so the kids at the Orphanage can fit in them.

I am very nervous to do my GMS Take Action Speeches. I do not like getting up in front of large groups and talking for an extended amount of time. But, I am very excited to share what we’ve accomplished, I feel very confident about our project. The good thing about our speeches is that we get to present with our groups and not by ourselves. I personally do better if I get to present in a group, because I feel more confident if there are more people. Christian Louboutin Pumps on SaleCreative Commons License via Compfight

Stuck in an Elevator!

You wake up tired and lonely. You walk down the steps with your head hanging. You’re tired of the life you are living. You wear the same clothes everyday and long for something new. You see other kids with new clothes everyday and feel depressed. You don’t deserve this. My partners and I are designing a fashion show to raise clothing to donate to an orphanage.  These kids wake up and barely have anything.  All kids everywhere deserve to have cool things and clothes to make them feel better. They also deserve better, sometimes the right pair of clothing can make a boy/girl feel special.  We would love to have gently used of new pieces of clothing to take to the children.

My video explains why we want to take clothing to children in need, and why we would love for you to donate clothing to!

To The Pot Of Gold We GO!

What is your favorite color?  Is it blue or green? What if you had to choose between blue or green? I would choose blue, but Saint Patrick’s Day is about the color green, we all know that. The original color of Saint Patrick’s Day, however, was not green. It was blue. Blue was the color originally associated with this holiday. Ireland’s nickname is “The Emerald Isle.” So, green became a more popular color during Saint Patrick’s Day. It was also because of the green in the flag and on the clover. I would still like to see the main color of Saint Patrick’s Day to be blue, I think it would have been cool!  I personally, don’t have a lot of green clothing, but I have a lot of blue colored clothing. So, if blue was the main color, you wouldn’t have to get pinched, as easily as you could with green. I also think green is a pretty color too. Happy St. Patrick's Day BrickinNick (DarthNick) via Compfight



This week we did a lot. We contacted stores to sponsor us!! This was such a huge thing on our to do list, and now we can check it off. We are very close, with our local stores, with getting them to sponsor us. We also still have to email our middle and elementary school’s principals to see where we can do our fashion show. But, we have been very successful this week! We actually do not have a mentor though. We deiced not to work on finding one right now, because we have come this far without one. We deiced to work on the more important things right now. When we finish our top things, then we will go back to finding a mentor. I am feeling very confident about our project, and I am so excited to do more! Storefront Dresses Zachary Korb via Compfight

Runway Ready!

This week was adventurous for sure. We had to get together with our male model leader (who is in charge of picking out the male model outfits) to discuss about stores and other business. We also contacted more stores. Some stores said no to us, others we have to call back and discuss with other people that work there. We still have a lot to do however. We have to email the principals of our middle and elementary schools, to see where we can do the fashion show. Then we have to make poster, advertise, get outifts for our models, and work on our elevator pitch. My partners and I, are going to work on our elevator pitch next week, because we worked on calling stores this week. I am still feeling confident about our Fashion Show, and I enjoy calling stores and talking about our project. I am super excited to see our final project! 2016-09-29_21-45-00_ILCE-6300_7254_DxOCreative Commons License Miguel Discart via Compfight

Dazzling Lights

This week we accomplished a lot! We made all of our posters and we just need a place to put them up around our school! We also found a new mentor and have been working out the kinks for our project.  We are thinking of ideas for a rough draft when we email different stores to sponsor us. We also found all of our models.

This week we had to finish our posters to advertise and our model posters. We now have all of our models and next week we are putting up our posters around our school to advertise. We have also been emailing our mentor and hope to meet with her sometime next week. We hope to have our fashion show soon!

I am feeling pretty confident about our project. We’ve been staying on track and have been accomplishing a lot. I am also pretty overwhelmed because when I think we finish one thing another problem pops up and we have to take care of that. Overall it’s been really fun and a roller coaster of things.


#Fashion Show

The thing we  accomplished this week  were made posters for models to sign up, we set dates and times for our fashion show. We also found our mentor (she just has a few more questions). I am loving what we have right now and can’t wait to do more and do the fashion show.  We have not met with our mentor yet but we plan to meet with her in a week or two. To set one up we will email her to see what is best for her. Next Friday we hope to have definite models and definite volunteers to do hair and makeup.

Uwe Schwarzbach via CompfightThe beautiful, sexy presenters for Aston Martin starting their presentation at the 37th Bangkok International Motorshow at IMPACT Challenger Hall in Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi, Thailand


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working with my partners to conduct a fashion show. We recently made posters to advertise and for people to sign up as models. However, we needed a mentor, so I emailed my old teacher. Sadly, she said no but that she would be happy to answer any questions we had. After we received this news, we quickly found a new mentor and emailed her. She has not answered yet, we all hope she will say yes though. We also set all of our dates and times. We hope to have our fashion shows soon and that everything will be a success!


1/27 Finish posters
2/10 Get final models and volunteers for makeup and hair
2/24 Talk to our school’s principals and stores to sponsor
3/10 We will do the fashion show our middle school
3/24 We will do the fashion show at our feeder school
4/7 Contact orphanages to give clothing  
4/21 Send clothing to orphanages
5/5 Ted Talk


Lights Camera Action

Do you love the spotlight? I sure do, for my 20% project, my two friends and I are holding a fashion show at our school. We are getting male and female models to model clothes from local stores like Target.  Right now we are working on finding male and female models to do the fashion show with us. We are also working out all the kinks to get the best idea on how to give back. As of right now we decided that if people want to come to the fashion show, they have to bring old clothes that they don’t want anymore. From there we will donate all of those clothes to a homeless shelter for kids that don’t have clothes or as much as we do. Then we plan to email, call, or go to stores to see if they will sponsor us, so we can do the fashion show.

stepping out...

(These are clothes).

We have run into a few problems where we don’t know what to do yet. We aren’t finding a lot of people to be in the fashion show. We are also afraid that people won’t show up to the fashion show. So we are going to do a special reward for the people that do come. I have actually done a fashion show before, but it was very small. We got target to sponsor us with the clothes, then  we held a fashion show and got featured in their Instagram. I really loved it, so this time we are going to have a bigger better fashion show.   Alex Naanou via Compfight