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My Wordle :)


What do you think about this cool picture about me? T ell me what you think! I made it with a website called Tagul. It is a fun  cool website where you can make different designs, and play around with it. If you want to check it out, here is the link! 🙂

Comment Challenge

Hi, I’m Skylar! I think its really cool that you are into baking. I am to! I always bake when I’m at home. When do you bake? I’m also curious about what your favorite styles are! This was a really cool post!


My Passion

Hi i’m Skylar! My passion is Fashion! I absolutely love fashion! I love all types of clothes, from bell bottoms to sweatshirts!  I have a sketchbook where I draw different designs and outfits. I love going shopping and picking out clothes I can really work with. People come to me with fashion problems, and send me pictures of their closet saying “Hey, what should I wear today?” It makes me laugh but I love doing it. I don’t have a favorite designer because I like a bunch of designers for different reasons. Fashion designers sketch ideas with paper and pencil. Then it goes to a group of people who collaborate on it and decide whether to put it in stores or not. If it goes through they put it in action and make several copies. Then it goes to stores and people like me and you buy it. My favorite stores are probably Abercrombie, Hollister, and Forever 21. My closet is mostly from Abercrombie. I hope to be a fashion designer when i grow up. Most people make millions off being a designer if they make a product the company likes.