Dear Santa, I want it all!

“I got gadgets and gizmos plenty, who want thing-a-mo-bob? I got 20, but who cares no big deal. I want more!”  When I was little, if I did something bad, my Dad would go Dear Santa, and it freaked me out. Now it doesn’t, do you believe in Santa? I believe in the spirit of Christmas. If your like Scrooge, I feel bad for you. I am the exact opposite, I love Christmas. Mostly because of snow, and presents.

I also like the month of December because I have a birthday around Christmas. I get double the presents. But I also don’t like it because sometimes it gets passed over because of all of the festivities.  But it is very cool to sometimes have a birthday with snow. We also get days off school, so sometimes my birthday is off school.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love going Christmas shopping and buying gifts for my friends and family. I also do Secret Santa with my family. My friends and I go Christmas caroling.  But most of all I love Christmas because of presents. I know that sounds selfish, but I also love giving presents. This is why I love Christmas!

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1 thought on “Dear Santa, I want it all!

  1. egyan001

    Dear Skylar, I loved your post and I only noticed that you had your own virtual pet how do I put it on y own blog ? -As i seem to be having trouble. I also love Christmas as well! Otherwise your post was great!
    From Nana


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