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My name is Skylar. I love to do archery. I joined a team at my school. Another thing I love to do is fashion! I have a sketch book where I draw out designs and outfits. I love going shopping to see what the stores have that I can work with. I want to be a fashion designer, or a professional archer when I grow up.  I love being outside and running around. I also love being inside curled up in a blanket. I enjoy being with friends and my team mates, going to comps. We got to world last year!! I love going rollerskating, biking, hiking, swimming, the beach, anywhere with my friends. As long as it’s fun, I’m up for it!! I also like school, surprising right? I like going to school to see friends I can’t see over the weekend. I have 2 siblings, 2 dogs, and of course 2 parents. I love my family a lot they are amazing, caring, funny, and all around cool! Thanks for reading this! 🙂

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. lily

    wow! you sound very energetic and outgoing! you have a very detailed post that tells the reader everything they would want to know. we have many similar interests 🙂 have fun blogging!


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